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Always supporting our troops

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   Lil’ Raskals Entertainment is a combination of personal endeavors that allow me to fulfill my need to help others, make new friends, and do the things I truly love to do while earning a lil’ extra income! 


I work hard and practice grounded ethics.  This has given me a firm foundation that has allowed a relaxed lifestyle.  This relaxed lifestyle has given me the ability to be very active in raising my son and daughter.  It has also given me the flexibility to make time for myself, my family, and my friends. 


   I have always gained pleasure in knowing that I have helped people educate and better themselves.  I am now attempting to ‘sprinkle a lil’ cayenne’ on things by introducing myself, my thoughts, and my practices to the world. 


My hope is that you may become inspired by my plans and choose to motivate yourself to achieve greatness in the same way that I try to.  I hope you enjoy getting to know me ‘a la’ the internet and I wish you ‘all the best’ in whatever you choose to do.

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