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...on the boards in Leesville, La.

Danni Gill, founder of Lil’ Raskals Entertainment, began his love for music in 1980 after his drama instructor insisted that the shy Mississippi native MC the weekly dance at his Junior High School.  He soon became creative and versed when speaking and began working at the local radio station.  Convinced that he would be in radio forever, he enlisted in the Army certain that the Veterans Army Education Program was his ticket to a degree in Journalism.  


  Although he found the United States Army just as appealing and decided to stay, he continued to work after hours spinning records at local nightspots and Army enlisted member/non-commissioned officer clubs throughout his career.  He also managed time to continue his love for broadcasting by working with the Armed Forces Radio Network – Europe and various broadcasting companies in the States. He relocated to Atlanta in 1996 after 10 years of military service that included travel throughout the U.S., tours in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East.


 He acquired his business license for ‘Lil Raskals’ after attending several functions that just weren’t up to his standard.  ‘I knew I could do it better.’